Barcelona 2019

Conference History

On the 5th-7th September, 2019 we hosted the International Conference on New Trends in Teaching and Education (NTTE) in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. We are delighted to report that the event was a success – based both on the feedback of our attendees and the learning outcomes. Pompeu Fabra University was the perfect venue for the event, which combined the international nature of NTTE with profound learning opportunities. The participants came from all over the world – Iran, Germany, Oman, Thailand, Denmark, Taiwan, Czech Republic, South Africa, Ghana, Japan, Israel, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Poland. This diversity resulted in inspiring conversations, unique perspectives, and fascinating discoveries.

The agenda mirrored the diverse nature of the event, covering a range of topics from the development of online student assessment systems to competency-based curriculums to distance learning. Our scientific committee was very meticulous in selecting abstracts and papers that covered relevant topics and offered one-of-a-kind insights. Their hard work was appreciated by the audience, who ranked the event highly for its content and learning opportunities.

NTTE attendees were invited to join a free guided tour of Barcelona – a magic city with a rich history and glorious architecture. We indulged ourselves in local cuisine and explored Barcelona’s hidden gems. It’s safe to say that the event made a memorable impression on everyone who joined.